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Sports Officials Committee Information

Friday, October 10, 2014
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Sports Officials Committee


Rules of the UIL Sports Officials Committee (click here)


New Chapter/Association Recognition


Application for Chapter recognition by the UIL.

A new Chapter of any existing, UIL recognized Association that applies for UIL recognition must first satisfy that Association’s rules and/or process governing new Chapter formation and affiliation in order to seek recognition from the UIL (SOC Ch. 1, section D:1). 


Chapter Recognition Form 


Application for Association recognition by the UIL.

Existing sports officials’ Associations and their affiliated Chapters who are not recognized by the UIL or groups of sports officials who wish to create a new Association (as well as affiliated Chapters) in order to, among other things, serve UIL member schools by providing sports officials for games and contests shall apply to the SOC for recognition.


The SOC shall extend recognition to an unrecognized applicant Association of sports officials (and on a case by case basis, to any of the applicant Association’s affiliated Chapters) if it finds by the preponderance of the evidence that the applicant Association is, when taken as a whole, beneficial to the schools, students and sports officials of this state and, on a case by case basis, through affiliated Chapters provides those benefits to the local service area(s) which the Association plans to serve.  The applicant Association and its affiliated Chapters seeking UIL recognition bear the burden of proof.  (SOC Ch. 2, section D:2).


1) Association with Chapters Recognition Form (click here)

            A) Chapter Recognition Form (click here)


The Association with Chapters Form is not considered complete until all Chapter Recognition forms are attached.


2) Stand-Alone Association Recognition Form (click here)


Mail or Email the completed application to:


Zane Zientek / Officials Assistant

Office: 512-232-4963


Mailing Address

UIL c/o Sports Officials

P.O. Box 8028

Austin, Texas, 78713

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